With Father’s Day coming up, we wanted to put a spotlight on our dads. After all, since we interviewed our moms last month, it’s Dad’s time to shine.

While our moms likened us to mad bees working for the greater good, our dads had a more concrete approach. As men of fewer words, they tried to succinctly describe what they think we do. Through various Dad-isms, they almost got there. Here’s what they said:

Adam Helfgott, CEO

Adtech can be confusing, even for insiders. CTV, OTT, AVOD, DSP…. the list goes on and on. The acronym soup befuddles even the most seasoned media veterans at times. It’s no surprise that it’s hard to describe our jobs to our loved ones.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we asked our moms what they think we do at MadHive. Last year we got some unexpected answers. And once again, they did not disappoint.

Some moms were pretty close. Others were a little off. The one thing they all had in common? They’re our #1 fans.

Read on to see what our…

This March marks Women’s History Month, a month that means a lot to us at MadHive. We know that the tech industry at times feels less-than-welcoming to women. And with the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, gender equality in the workplace is even more difficult. Still, we’re so grateful for the perseverance and optimism of the women at our company.

With all that in mind, we were curious to see what this year looked like for the women at MadHive. …

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, we’ve earned the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s Certified Against Fraud Seal. We share TAG’s commitment to making digital media more accountable and transparent. This recertification reinforces our commitment to ensuring that our customers are protected from fraud.

We take our commitment to fraud detection and prevention so seriously that we went a step further than nearly all of the other TAG Certified companies in OTT. We earned our seal by completing the more rigorous process of independent validation.

There are two ways to get TAG certified. While most…

It’s safe to say digital TV fraud is a dangerously nascent situation. In 2020, ad fraud surpassed credit card fraud, and it’s expected to reach $44 billion by 2022. And now, more hackers are migrating to CTV and OTT, tempted by the notoriously high CPMs and the ecosystem’s lack of transparency.

We talked about ad fraud in pre-pandemic times. We knew it was going to get worse, but it appears that the pandemic caused a surge in OTT viewership that’s proved irresistible to fraudsters. Schemes with ominous-sounding names like Streamscam, Monarch, and DiCaprio ate up millions of dollars last year…

A lot was different this year. Our commutes were significantly shorter, our hair significantly longer. We struggled to stay in shape — or put jeans on. Our hands were dried out from washing and sanitizing. We became master gardeners, bakers, and Zoomers.

At MadHive, we hired 36 new employees and welcomed four babies into the world. Many of us moved. Some of us adopted a four-legged friend. A few of us said goodbye to our dearly loved ones. We all spent 2020 differently, but the one thing we can agree on is that our lives are indelibly changed.

Our biggest moments were centered around family & friends …

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s clear that this year has flipped media upside down.

When the world went into lockdown in March, companies and consumers rapidly adjusted to digital communication, accelerating digital adoption five years forward in just eight weeks. People began turning to their TVs and desktops for entertainment instead of their smartphones. And advertisers followed their lead — now, for the first time ever, digital advertising accounts for over half of all ad spend.

Audiences wanted more CTV

This was the year that Connected TV exploded. Audiences, stuck at home due to the pandemic, spent 25% of their TV time on streaming. As their streaming increased, so did their use of ad-supported free television. On top…

If you work in ad tech, you’ve probably heard the acronym SSAI thrown around. In fact, a recent report estimated that 40% of OTT ads are now served using SSAI. So what is it, exactly? And what does it have to do with Connected TV?

What is SSAI?

SSAI stands for Server-Side Ad Insertion. It is a process used to insert ads into a single high-quality, long-form digital video stream. With SSAI, the server essentially stitches an ad directly into the video content.

SSAI is a popular alternative to Client-Side Ad Insertion, in which a third-party server fetches an ad when it reaches…

Jenny Thompson

Marketing Manager at MadHive

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